Monday, February 20, 2012

Running Windows Mobile on Windows Phone 7

Someone managed to port Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7. Why would someone want to run Windows Mobile on Windows Phone 7?

Simply because Windows Mobile is a classic. Same like vinyl record, it is an old type of audio storage with lots of disadvantages (noises, statics, huge size, etc), but why do some people still prefer to listen it? Because there are a lots of memories to it and also the sounds some people claimed that it is still the best media to hold. CD, DVD, Super Audio Disc, MP3, AAC, etc etc are digital signals that convert the analog sounds to digital format and then when you want to listen, the analog sounds being constructed back from the digital format, therefore some information are lost during the conversion.

So back to this Windows Mobile on Windows Phone 7, for Windows Mobile users, WM served as good old memories. In fact I am still using my WM phone, the HTC Touch Elfin. I use it to make phone calls, sms, surf net (very slow, still works), read ebooks, play music for my children, snap photos, etc.

This video is just preview of the WML (WM Loader). It still not available publicly.

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source: Youtube

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