Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to choose insurance in Malaysia

How much does your family need to survive without you? How much insurance will you pay? How much to save up every month for your children education? How much do you need for retirement?

For US or other western countries, these information are easily available. However there is very little information for insurance in Malaysia in the Internet. Therefore this website is a very good reference before we go to talk with insurance agent. It is because some (not all) insurance agent want to make money from the sale, but not really understand the customer needs. If we know what to look for, then it will be much easier and faster to find the right policy or plan.

compare-insurance on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com is the own by LIAM (Life Insurance Association of Malaysia). Therefore it should be all the insurance companies in Malaysia that being feature in this website, including Islamic insurance, aka Takaful.

At this website, either you can start with the calculators (retirement, education, protection, etc) or straight away start to look for policy for protection, retirement, education or saving and investment in the form of investment-linked, life, term, endowment or takaful insurance.

Too bad that this website does not include auto insurance and medical insurance.

The website future plan is to have a feature to find insurance agent in Malaysia. But I would doubt it because which company would be listed first? Would it be like Google search or being listed first if pay more money?

Thing to note: this is for reference only, please talk with your insurance agent for more detail. Also please read and understand all the fine print in the insurance policy.

The link:

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