Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Infinite Storage on Your Hard Drive?

Another cloud storage, again! Bitcasa is another upcoming cloud storage service company. They market them-self as "Infinite Storage on You Desktop".

How to do that? By installing their software on your PC/laptop/Mac (yes, Mac is supported), and then specific a folder to be "cloudify". Whatever files you put in that folder will be sync to the cloud at Bitcasa after that. Theoretically the storage on Bitcasa will be infinite and it is free during beta now, however I can't get into the invite list yet. Therefore I cannot really do any review on it.

I am on waiting list now to try the beta, would appreciate that if you kind people out there follow the link below to register with BitCasa beta. That would boast up my chance to get into Bitcasa. Thanks a lot!

Marketing video of Bitcasa:

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