Thursday, February 9, 2012

Made-in-China WinRar - HaoZip

90% (or more?) of goods in this world are Made-in-China. Even your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are made in China. Therefore Made-in-China does not mean it is low quality, it can be high quality as well. When torrent and file server being shutdown world wide, China still have a lot of good quality servers. How about PPStream, Thunder and Qvod? Can't deny that China will be the center of the world as the name in Chinese say so (中国, direct translate is middle-country).

So here is a Made-in-China WinRar, HaoZip. In Chinese it means Good Zip. Well, the Chinese name is 好压, which mean Good Compression, but zip is more common name than compression right? Do you tell your friend to compress a file or zip a file?

HaoZip - Made-in-China WinRar on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

HaoZip - Made-in-China WinRar on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
Even the logo is somewhat similar to WinRar. Above picture is the icons showed in Chrome tab, left hand side is HaoZip, right hand side is WinRar.

Best of all it is free, contradict to the original WinRar, which cost $29 excluding VAT. I don't care it is Canadian dolar or Singapore dolar, don't think it is US dolar because of VAT, it still cost too much. Therefore I am using 7zip, which is free as well.

What the company claim on this HaoZip? [my opinion in square bracket and italic]
1. Better compression, 10% to 30% better [didn't mention which type of file]
2. Intelligently filter files to compress, increase throughput time [yes, there is no need to compress jpeg anymore]
3. Directly support zip, 7z and tar without external plugin [7z also have this]
4. Compatible on Win2k to Win7 [can you not support Win7?]
5. Compressed files guarantee can be unzip by other industry standard compression software [who does not?]
6. Repair damaged header on files download from Internet [can try this]
7. Skins [er... what for?]
8. Support Chinese characters encryption [good for Chinese Companies]
9. No ads, no plugin, free forever [yes, this is what a software should be, free forever]

To download setup files:
To download other language:
Download page in Chinese:

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