Sunday, February 12, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 2 teardown - the XDA way

Teardown, it's been always my favorite hobby when I was in school. I didn't teardown new gadget at that time, just some old stuffs that not working anymore and try to fix them. Most of them are able to work after I fixed them with limited knowledge at that time. Too bad there is no full time teardown job in Penang/Malaysia for me to do, otherwise I would take up that job. Okay, here is a super extreme teardown, hacking/modding also included. I wonder why they call it unboxing. It should be teardown. Anyway, this video was being capture/made by AdamOutler of XDA.

Here you go, extreme teardown (and hacking) of Samsung Galaxy S 2:

I have posted the (not so extreme) SGS2 teardown by iFixit:

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source: XDA TV

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