Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free 50G for Life

50GB is not a lot nowadays if you compare with normal (magnetic) hard disk. However, it is still a big deal compare to Cloud Storage. The highest free storage is SkyDrive, and you don't need to beg others to sign up so that you can get extra. Others are pathetic 2GB to 5GB. What I mean here is free account, and does not include those paid service.

Okay. How about someone give you 50GB free, and the same "someone" said it is free for life. Well, free until you break some terms and conditions. Or free until they decided not to give you the free 50GB anymore. Or the company being shutdown or bankrupt or the owner being arrested by FBI or CIA or MI7. :P

Alright. It is that giving away 50GB for free. Wait, is 5GB all this while, right? Yes. But now they are doing some promotion or celebration or just to get more subscribers, I don't care actually, just gimme the free 50GB.

But there is condition. Of course there is always terms and conditions. Everyone have to click agree to blah blah blah before installing a software on PC or installing apk on Android phone, right? Okay, enough crap.

You have to be on Android phone or tablet, install box apps from Android Market, sign up from the box apps and you are automatically getting 50GB for free! Hurry, the promotion end on Mar 23, 2012. It is less than 1 month from now.

LG Android phone/tablet owner is luckier, this same promo last until Jun 30, 2012.

Sony Tablet S or Tablet P, HP TouchPad, RIM PlayBook, and Sony Xperia phone owners are even more luckier, you have time until Dec 31, 2012 to get this promo.

No promo for Apple devices (iPhone, iPot Touch and iPad), hehehe.

If you already have account with 5G only, all you need to do is install the box apps on any of lucky phone/tablet mentioned above and sign in using the apps and you are automatically getting 50GB.

Search for "box" at Android market, or use this link:

Read the faq for more detail:

I have installed this apps on my wife's Galaxy W and got the free 50GB 2 days ago! Today I login to from my laptop, and verified that I am getting 50GB, yeah!
Free 50GB with on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

What are you waiting for? Go Go Go.

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Jayce said...

iOS already got 50GB promotion last year. :P

ahsiang said...

@Jayce, thanks for the info. Ya, too bad for iOS users for this year. But there are a lot of cloud storage out there, just need to register for a few then can get more storage. haha

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