Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Google with More Effective

Google, Yahoo, Bing! are 3 major search engine. However I use only Google daily, I will use Yahoo and Bing! when I cannot find the info on Google, but Google always give me what I ask it to search. Secret? Using this infographic. I found out I have been using some of the methods frequently, therefore this is a very good reference for you too and I should share it here!

Thing to note: Some of the tips showed here are for MacOS, might not work for Windows.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
1. Press CRTL on Windows vs Command on MacOS
2. CTRL+~ and CTRL+tab does nothing on Windows unless you have apps use these shortcut or you assigned them on special tasks.
3. Press "Print Screen" or "Prt Sc" to capture whole screen on Windows
4. Press "Alt+Print Screen" to capture only the Windows you working on
5. Press "Windows+s" to select the area for print screen if you have Microsoft OneNote

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