Monday, October 18, 2010

Digital will - what happens if I die

Nowadays everyone should already have at least an email account, facebook/twitter account, online banking account, blogger account, and many more online accounts. What happen if someone pass away suddenly without leaving the traces of login name and password for these account? It would take months or years to get the online companies to believe that you are the beneficial of the deceased. Some accounts you might want to notify the readers immediately, but how do you do it without the deceased's password? No one would like their family members to suffer even more when they found out they cannot do anything with the deceased online accounts!

Fortunately now there are a few companies provide sort of digital will services. I found 2 that works differently.

1. legacy locker
With the free (basic) account, you can have 3 assets you can store in there with just 1 beneficiary and 1 legacy letter. You can also assigned a different verifier so the time come, the verifier will notify Legacy Locker to give out the assets (passwords) to the beneficiary.

2. deathswitch
This one works different from Legacy Locker. With the free account, you can create 1 message to send to 1 recipient at a specific trigger time. You can set from day up to a year where deathswitch will send you a email and you have to response to it so that they know you are still alive. A bit more troublesome, but more secure I think.

SO what do you think? Should you create one account on these companies?

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