Friday, October 29, 2010

How to download TED videos

There are methods available on internet on how to download youtube video, but how about TED videos?

What is TED by the way? Click here.

Okay, here are the steps.

1. Download the metalink from

2. Use the software show here:

3. Copy the link from the metalink files
Example: which Barton Seaver talks about Sustainable seafood.

4. Add the links into the software mentioned in step 2.

I use DownThemAll, which is an add-on on FireFox. Here are how to use DownThemAll to download TED videos: FireFox , Tools, DownThemAll! Tools, Manager... , Add URL(s).

 I have blogged DownThemAll! before.

Should be very soon you can share the TED videos with your family/friends from your laptop/computer :)

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update: new TED video tutorial for those that don't want to use download manager

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