Thursday, October 7, 2010

PC freeware: YouChoob - the best YouTube video downloader so far

I have been searching YouTube video downloader for a while, some live up to my expectation (if I lower the expectation a bit :P ). I have tried some websites that you provide the YouTube link and then they will show you the download link, but most of them are not working nowadays. :(

I have installed different add-on on FireFox, some works, some don't. I will share those working one in future. But today I want to share a freeware for PC that can download YouTube easily. It can detect YouTube link in you clipboard (meaning once you copy the link from web browser, it can detect and put it in the dialog box of it so that you can start downloading immediately.

YouChoob, is so far the best one I found out. So far, because sure someone else will write a better one, but not me. :P

You just need to download it from the author's website and unzip it to a directory you preferred and you are good to go. You can figure other settings yourself :). It said you need at least Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, but if you are using Windows XP and above, you should probably have the .NET Framework.

Sorry, no print screen, too lazy to do that, and my portable Photoshop is not working on Windows 7 anyway. :P

So here is the link:

p/s: Why download YouTube video you might ask? The service provider at my country is just too expensive and too slow, once I found the video I like, I will keep it on my local hard drive. :)

pp/s: Try to download some of the video showed here using YouChoob :)

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