Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is Maxthon?

I have been using Maxthon 2 for a few years already, but this is not my primary web browser. My primary web browser for now is FireFox and Safari. Maxthon has some nice features which attracted over 536 million downloads!

This is Maxthon 2:

This is Maxthon 3:

What I like about Maxthon are:
1. Mouse gesture: it is build-in feature in Maxthon, therefore it works perfectly. FireFox have to install mouse gesture add-on and it is not always stable.

2. Boss key: you can set a combination of keyboard and hide it when ever you press the combination. Maxthon will disappear from taskbar and notification icon all together! It was not included on Maxthon 3 but the latest update has added it back.

3. Pop-up blocker: the best build-in pop up blocker. Especially if you go to China's websites a lot, these websites have too much pop up and since Maxthon is written by Chinese, they know how to deal with these pop-up!

4. Dual display engine (Ultra and Retro mode) (Only on Maxthon 3): Ultra mode supposedly speed up the web browsing experience but if some old sites not display properly on Maxthon3, you can switch back to retro mode.

p/s: spelling error of the update tool of Maxthon 3! Did you see that?

This is the last one of rare browser series from me for now (Maxthon is not rare,but very popular in China though). Let me think what I can write next......

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Adino said...

Wow I didn't know there was such a browser! Maybe because I don't visit Chinese websites, or maybe the western tech blogs don't talk much about this browser.

Looks interesting though. Have you tried using Google Chrome?

ahsiang said...

Adino, yes, sometime I use Google Chrome but it still lack of add-ons that I like on Firefox. :)

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