Monday, November 29, 2010

Sort out Windows 7 desktop icons

I was still having problem with Windows 7's  bug that the icons on desktop will running around when I switch from single monitor to extended monitor and vice versa. After googling around, it is a known bug that Microsoft yet to fix it. Even tried out various method (like unchecked "align icons to grid") that people suggested, the icons still running around.
So I remembered my brother and sister having some Mac's style of shortcuts on their Windows Vista, so I went to search for it. And I found ObjectDock, and was happy with it for a few days. Until my blogger friend, chua1234 introduced the "Fences" in his blog. Fences basically is from same company that made ObjectDock. But instead of just putting the icons on top/bottom/left/right, I can use Fences to groups that icons, to the places on desktop that I prefer. Okay, here is the tutorial, thanks chua1234 for letting me use your pictures. :)

1. Download it from:

2.Choose the free version to download, that would be sufficient.

3. Click Download Now.

4. After install it, you can start to configure the Fences.

5. You can choose the type of layout you preferred or you can use customized on your own. Don't worry, you can always come back to the setting to change it. To access the settings, right click on any place of the desktop and choose "Configure Fences...".

6. You even customize further with color, transparency, tint, and saturation of the Fences at the "Appearance".

7. Fences also let you take a snapshots of your desktop before installing Fences. You can always retrieve back to the original arrangement of the icons if you don't like Fences. But I would doubt it. :)

8. And here you go! A nice and tidy desktop!

Happy trying! Let me know what is your experience with Fences or if you have a better software, please let me know. :)

p/s: pictures are from chua1234, to read it in chinese, go to Thanks again to chua1234.

pp/s: why I don't put my desktop print screen? because of confidentiality, sorry. :)

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Unknown said...

greeting for you my uncle
its very good take sort out windows 7 is great caused im already used for this fitur make complete and dekstop make esay to do,thanks my Uncle

Unknown said...

Uncle 吹水:
u r welcome ~! :)

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