Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Angry Birds Rio For Windows - limited period - expired

This free download expire on September 29, 2011, just a few more days, go download it now!
Update: it is expire now, now it cost US$4.99 at Intel AppUp. However there are still a lot of free apps available at AppUp, I am trying a few of them now. :)

I only found out this recently, everyone can get Angry Birds Rio for Windows for Free! Thanks to Intel AppUp, if you register with Intel AppUp now, you can get Angry Birds Rio for your Windows XP and Windows 7, and it is completely free and also it is a legal download software, so no need to worry that is it illegal download or not. It didn't mention about Windows Vista though, but I think it should work as well.

What you need to do is go to Intel AppUp:
Intel AppUp

Download Intel AppUp and install it on your Windows.

Launch Intel AppUp, Click "Sign In" and then "Get one here" to create new account in a pop up windows, fill in name, email, password, and check on to agree terms and conditions blah blah blah, the trick is to stop at payment option registration.

Okay, now go back to the AppUp, sign in with email and password you registered just now, wait for it to sign in and download whatever needed to be download. You should able to find Angry Birds Rio for free on the AppUp. Click download and wait for it. Depend on your network/broadband, it will take a while since it is ~46MB.

Installation will begin automatically right after download completed. Wait for it to complete installation. And once it is done, click "Launch" on AppUp to start playing Angry Birds Rio! :D

Things to note:
1. Not sure you still can get Angry Birds Rio for free if you already register with Intel AppUp, but the FAQ did mention that we can register multiple account, meaning you can use another email to register, and get a-hem-a-hem this free Angry Birds Rio. :)

2. I can only launch this game from AppUp. I cannot launch Angry Birds Rio directly with the shortcut created on desktop during installation, it gives me an error. I tried to launch it by clicking the .exe of Angry Birds Rio, also same error. So I think we have to keep Intel AppUp while to keep playing this game. Update: I can now play Angry Birds Rio by clicking the shortcut directly, probably the installation was not complete at that time. :)

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source: Intel AppUp

p/s: I am lazy to take snapshot, just go download it now before expire!


Unknown said...

thank you uncle ah siang, my daughter must be very 'khamxia' about your info...

ahsiang said...

#chua, glad that your daughter like it :D

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