Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Android Game] Drop the Star

See the video first:

How? Nice? You can download this Android game from this link:

From the author:
Our cute star is afraid of the height. Use your finger to destroy the blocks, and land the star on the safe base.
You can earn points by completing levels, and use the earned points to buy powerups in the in-game store.
- 8 different worlds (120 levels, more levels will be included in the updates).
- Simple, funny, colorful, relaxing.
- Many creative, and challenging levels.
- 3 different powerups.
- 3 relaxing music tracks.
- Unique menu style.
- High resolution graphics.
- Auto-save at the end of each level.
- All saved game files are stored on your SD card. You can copy the files, and transfer them to other devices.

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