Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogger has new look

I hope I am not too outdated to write this. :P
Blogger has new look now. Using the same old interface for a few years already, suddenly need to change. But luckily it all just make it look nicer, so that it don't looks like dinosaur age blogging platform. But did Google improve the performance?

Anyway, why with the cosmetic change? I think it is because other blogging platform are catching up with blogger. So Google has to do something about it.

I am writing a new post regarding printing large image to multiple pages, still work in progress. Note the "Publish", "Save", "Preview" are on top right, not below the writing box anymore. Also a "close" button(?), wonder what it does, close without save?

Other settings for each post moved to right side of the writing box.

You can see how many comments and pageview for each post. Others settings like Layout, Settings, etc are at left side of the page.

I start to like this new interface, will continue use this for another few days. However if you don't like it, you still able to to switch back to the old interface, at right top of above picture.

Again, I hope Google improve the performance and stability of blogger as well. There was some outage over the years. Another thing we can do is to speed up the loading time, like what I did in this post.

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