Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Print Large Image to Multiple pages in Windows

I never thought of Windows can do this, yes, just Windows, and its default programs. No third party software, no need freeware or paidware. Just Windows. Surprisingly!

Yesterday I wanted to print a map on more than one pages (so that I get a bigger picture), so I tried my favourite image viewer see if it works, but somehow it don't have that option, too bad. Of course I can fire up my freeware Photoshop equivalent software, which is GIMP, and start splitting up the image to a few pieces and then print one by one. But that would take more time right? So I go to Google and Google it as usual.

And I did find the solution and no new software need to be install, just like that I said in the beginning of this post. Here is how:

1. Open the image that you want to print with Paint (Start -> Accessories -> Paint). Or copy the image and paste it on Paint once you have open it.
2. Select "Print" -> "Page Setup" (Windows 7 and Vista), or "File" -> "Page Setup" (Windows XP).
3. At "Scaling", select "Fit to" and then change the setting to "2" by "2" page(s ).
4. Click OK.
5. Print the image from Paint, make sure you select to print "All Pages".

That's it, you then can collect the print out from printer and merge them (with scissors and glue, to trim down the white spaces and stick them) if you want to. Also you can play with the print margin to reduce the white spaces as much as possible.

Of course it might take a few times to get use to it on the setting on step 3 showed above, but there is way avoid wasting papers, what would be another day to write on that, if I ever remember to write it. :P

Should apply to Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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