Sunday, December 30, 2012

False Advertizing on free Samsung Galaxy Y

I like to surf the wild wild web, because it always have something that is very interesting. While I was surfing last night, there is a ads that appear for a few times (in my memory) in last few days. It says free Samsung Galaxy Y (SGY). I just got my Samsung Galaxy S 2 (SGS2) recently, therefore I am not interested to use SGY, but the ads got my attention (you win). So I click on it. And it show like this:

If you are in Malaysia, I am sure you will know which brand is this. Anyway, point number 1 is to bring any of you phone and changer (that in working condition) to participating outlets to get the free SGY, 300MB data and RM2 airtime per month for 12 months. Not bad huh? Wait. What is number 2?

No.2, Reload RM360 and...... WTF? This is not free any more. SGY can be buy directly from shops for RM300 to RM500 depend on condition or new.

No.3, Reload a minimum of RM10 every month to continue enjoy the free data and airtime? You are paying for that, what is with the FREE word in there?

Therefore, ladies and gentleman, please be careful with all these confusing advertizing and packages that telco offering nowadays. I am still not subscribe to any data plan with my telco until now because I don't believe them. Yes, my SGS2 is not connected to internet all the time, but smartphone is depend on the user, not the phone itself. hehehe.

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