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The Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Online Deal

Since I am Outdated Penang Uncle, I don't buy latest smartphone, example Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note2 or HTC One X+ or iPhone5. The reason is all new devices are way too expensive according to me. A lot of young people in Malaysia spend one month or maybe more of their salary to buy these new smartphone. Some signed up voice+data plan contract from telco and get the new smartphone for cheaper price, but it would cost much more after the contract end. Money does not come easy (for most people), okay?

Therefore I just bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S2. What? You might scream. Yes, it is Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGS2). The reason (as I learned from ToastMaster):

1. The price is quite cheap compare to the time before Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note2 being launched worldwide. Samsung Galaxy S2 was selling at RM1699 (~US$556) in first half of this year, now it is selling at RM1299 (~US$425).

2. I don't like to pay the premium just to get the latest gadget. If you want to play with these latest gadget, just go to shopping mall on the weekend and play with the demo units at the Samsung store or Apple store or Sony store, and whatever store. Think of the extra money you spent just to get a "wow" from friends. But then the "wow" does not pay you the money right?

3. My HTC Touch (Elfin) is getting too old. What? You might scream again. Yes, I am still using my HTC Touch Elfin until yesterday. It is running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Some people might don't even know the existence of WinMo (short-form of Windows Mobile). I bought the phone with more money than this SGS2. Sigh! Recently this HTC is always shutdown itself on every morning (even with full charge), and sometime it can happen at anytime.

Okay, so I have to buy a new smartphone. I just can't go back to use dump phone, which Nokia good at making them. But then I don't need to get "wow" from others. So SGS2 is the most value that I can think of. I don't want to buy second hand, or AP (AP means not being sell by Samsung Malaysia, therefore warranty is not by Samsung Malaysia). So I got this deal which is the best deal from Samsung Malaysia Authorized dealer.

I got it from PBB-Emall. It is a online shopping website own by Public Bank Malaysia. The SGS2 is sell by KTS, which is one of Samsung Malaysia Authorized dealers. The reason:

1. It is RM1299 (~US$425). Most of the shops in Penang selling at RM1399 with free screen protector and casing. Some offered RM1350, without any free gift. KTS in this case also offered free gift, 16GB microSD and Samsung Bluetooth headset.

2. The payment can use credit card. In most of the shops, including KL, they will charge you additional 3% because they want to you pay for the fee that bank charged them. No additional charges if you pay cash. Think about bring whole stack of money and walking around shopping mall.

3. You can even choose to pay by installment and there is no interest charged. But only Public Bank issued credit cards are allow at the moment.

Too bad that now they don't sell SGS2 any more, but SGS3 still selling at RM1799.

To find more good deal, head to PBB Emall.

p/s: I don't get any commission or money from PBB Emall or KTS or Samsung for writing this. I write this just to share the good deal.

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