Saturday, December 8, 2012

Which Friends Concerns You Most on Facebook - part1

How many of your friends actually looked at your post on Facebook timeline? There is no way to tell how many looked except if you are posted to a group, or it is a Facebook page (not personal timeline). Is there really friends that concern about you on Facebook? Well, I try to keep positive when I post on Facebook.

How do we know that which friends concerns about you most on Facebook? There are a few methods, but I would like to share the first method and this should the the most safe method. But this will involved some geek stuffs, but not too geek because I am going to walk you through the process.

Which Friends Concerns You Most on Facebook - part1

  1. Login to your Facebook account as usual
  2. Right click on any blank space on your timeline (or first page, if you still not change to timeline), and view page source. Example in picture below, from left FireFox, IE, Chrome.
  3. Press "Ctrl+F" and search for "OrderedFriends" (without double quote). I have to blur out the numbers to protect my friends identity. :)
  4. Copy the first number (without double quote) after the "list".
  5. Paste the number after the "" in the address bar. Example below, replace PenangUncle?ref=hl with the number that you copied in step4.
  6. Press enter and it should bring you to your friend's timeline/page. That is the friend which always check your status. If you want to see No.2, No.3 and onwards, please copy the second, third and so on number from the page source you see in Step3.

If your spouse or boyfriend/girl friend not in the top 3 list, please do not punish or angry with him/her. It is because some people is always looks at everyone else timeline every 5 mins on his/her laptop/ipad/smartphone. :P

Happy checking. :)

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source: I google it!

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