Wednesday, December 26, 2012

XDA University

XDA forum has been my favourite forum since I start to use my HTC Touch Elfin. Recently I have changed to SGS2, however since there are too many stuffs in the HTC, I am still keeping both phone most of the time. There are too many customization on the HTC that I still can't find it on SGS2 yet. Therefore I am slowly moving stuffs from the HTC. Today I noticed that excel spreadsheet that I used on HTC are losing the formulas when I open them in SGS2 using Polaris Office and Smart Office. Why?!?!?!

 Anyway, XDA launched their university website. It is to to help people that just starting to use Android as well as for people who wish to do Android development, such as apps, ROMs, theme, and etc.

Here is the introduction video of XDA university:

The link:

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source: XDA

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