Friday, December 28, 2012

WPS Office - Another MS Office Alternative

MS Office is always the main office software being use by main stream business and most of the industry. However if you are just starting a new business or a SOHO or a freelancer, buying a MS Office software can be very costly. Nowadays PC maker tried very hard to save cost, therefore some of the time the PC/laptop you bought is installed with evaluation version of MS Office or some just don't have MS Office at all.

MS Office Home and Student edition cost USD $150. MS Office Home and Business edition cost USD $280. Plus you need to pay additional USD $25 per language pack that you want to include. That's is very expensive.

Luckily there is always a lot of nice people on the world wild web (world wide web) to write free software. There are a lot of alternative to MS Office, among the famous one such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. WPS Office is a made in China (what is not made in China nowadays? ;) ) alternative to MS Office.

Recently WPS Office has been upgraded to SP2. What so special of WPS Office?
  1. It is very small, setup file 41.6MB only.
  2. It opens documents on cloud storage.
  3. Auto recovery.
  4. WPS Excel supports long numbers (Unlike MS Excel changed everything to xx.xxE+xx).
  5. Free template from WPS forum.
  6. Directly post to WeiBo (China's twitter).
The only drawback is WPS website is completely written in Chinese. No problem for people that is Chinese educated, but what about other people? I am downloading it right now to see if WPS Office can support English or other language only Windows.

If you are adventurous, go to this link to download it now:

Update: Confirmed that WPS Office is only in Chinese. Another thing is it will not ask your permission before it take over all the office files to be open by WPS. What a shame, sounds like another non-sense software (Remember Real Player?). I am uninstall it now.

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source: wild wild web

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