Sunday, December 2, 2012

[Free Game] Mandora

We don't need to worry about free apps or games on Android, there are plenty of them. In fact there are too many that you will never ever install all of them because memory and microSD card will be full way before you can install half of them! :P

I found this game Mandora recently from some free stuffs website from Taiwan. Mandora is made in Taiwan. But don't worry, the interface is in English.

What you need to do is pluck the mandora seed when they are ripe. The question mark in above picture will show you how.

I was skeptical about this game right after I installed it on my wife's Samsung Galaxy W because there is no button to choose level or difficultly. However when I check back it's website, then only noticed that the game play will depend on the time you play. If you play at night time, you will see this:

If at daytime:

At evening also you can see the sky start turn to orange color. No picture of this but you can go ahead try it out.

Mandora is available at Google Play:

Mandora also available for iOS:

Okay, there is the trailer:

p/s: I am competing with my wife of the ranking of this game, hehehe.

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