Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chevrolet Volt Electrical Teardown

Every now and then I will post teardown from other websites, mainly from iFixIt. And these teardown are mostly on smartphone, tablet and game console. Recently I stumble upon a different type of teardown, it is on a car, an electrical car to be exact. Even though this is a car teardown, it was focus on the electrical and electronics circuitry teardown, I found it is quite interesting. If you however don't find it interesting, you may leave a msg in comment and I will add "waste time" tag for this post. :P

Chevrolet Volt - credit
Chevrolet Volt is the hybrid car from General Motor. ubm techinsights is the company in charge of this teardown. The teardown covers:
  • the electronics used to control the complex transmission system
  • the motors use to generate electricity, inverter system, how AC connect to the system
  • the home charger system
  • the lithium ion battery system (it provides 360V DC!)
Unfortunately I can't post the teardown directly in this blog, it require registration to get 3 powerpoint files that contains the teardown. Registration is however free! One thing to note is I can't register with free email (gmail/yahoo/hotmail/etc), the website require an company email account.
Register and get the teardown free at this link:

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