Friday, April 20, 2012

new iPad (2012) is selling in Malaysia now

Okay, new iPad is selling like hot cake in US for a while already. However today is the first day new iPad (or I called it iPad 2012) selling in Malaysia. And the price is the same like iPad2 before price reduce.

So to complete this post, here is the price list:
  • WiFi only:
    • 16GB: RM1499
    • 32GB: RM1799
    • 64GB: RM2099
  • WiFi + 4G:
    • 16GB: RM1899
    • 32GB: RM2199
    • 64GB: RM2499
Got rumors said that the 4G on iPad 2012 is not being supported in Malaysia telco because of different operating frequency of LTE of Malaysia compare to US. This was enforced by the government, so nothing we can do about it if this rumors is true. For additional RM400, you get a piece of junk that operate just like the WiFi version only. Will Apple fix this? or Already fixed? We have to wait and see.

I have posted the cost of making a new iPad:

Anyway, I don't care is it selling like curry fish head or hot cake because I am not buying it now. Check out why I am still not buying new iPad:

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iPad 2012 pricing source: la


hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

no point buying 4G capable ipad..we're too way behind in the internet scene..JApan also have 4G d..74Mbps with mobile modem..the price? RM200+...our unifi 20Mbps.. who got ripped off actually?

ahsiang said...

we always one step backward :D

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