Thursday, April 5, 2012

Penang Uncle Most Popular Posts Roundups

I will be away for more than a week for vacation, but I will line up roundups (compilations) of my previous posts so that keep you entertained at same time keep the traffic coming in. Hopefully these roundsups bring back some good old memories. Cheers!

What are the most popular post in this blog? When I started to blog on (7/7/2009), I manage to pull 3k+ pageview on that month, but later on went down to 1k+. Last month, this blog managed to pull 9.6k pageview, thanks to the fake OutdatedPenangUncle blog. :P

Here are the top 8 most popular posts of all time:
1. changed to originally created for pocketPC, which eventually evolved to become forum for posting warez for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS. Even the WinMo forums still active.

2. How to install apk into BlueStacks
    Step-by-Step on how to install apk into BlueStacks, the easy to use Android emulator on Windows.

3. How to enable Android Market for BlueStacks
    Step-by-Step on how to enable Android Market on BlueStacks.

4. How To Put Picture Side by Side in Blogspot or Blogger?
    Steps to put picture side-by-side on blogspot or blogger. Was the most popular post before BlueStacks posts, and not include mobilism posts.

5. Mobilism ( is back online
    The second most visited post when mobilism was down.

6. Samsung Galaxy S 2 screen problem?
    Talk about possible screen problem on Samsung Galaxy S 2 and how to check.

7. Samsung Galaxy S 2 - everything you need to know
    Unboxing and reviews by Mr Miniman from

8. How to change boring Office Communicator to not so boring
    A project by that modify MS Office Communicator's status into something different from the MS default and boring status.

That's all for this roundups, more roundups coming for new few days. While writing these roundups, I was surprised that how I wrote those stuffs. Interesting. :D

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