Sunday, April 8, 2012

Penang Uncle Tutorial Posts Roundups

Year-to-date, I posted 10 tutorial posts, not bad huh. Here goes the list:

Chinese Input made by Google, which it is the primary input method that I use to type in Chinese characters into my PC:
Google Chinese Input - offline English to Chinese

I faced the problem I cannot install any apps on Chrome and after I found the solution, I wrote it in this post:
How to Fix Cannot Install Apps on Chrome Problem

Then later I use JDownloader to download YouTube video, was a bit of hassle compare to plugins on Chrome or Firefox, but it worth the try:
Download YouTube Video with JDownloader

Next I moved to consumer electronics where I have my method of choosing the right LED TV or LCD TV:
How to Choose LED TV or LCD TV - extreme method

I wrote this post for my wife, she was struggle with web-based hotmail/Windows Live Mail, so I showed her how to use Outlook to manage it:
Manage Hotmail or Windows Live Mail with Outlook

For geek to measure disk drive read/write speed:
How to Measure Disk Drive Speed

Infographic to teach you how to google more effective:
How to Google with More Effective

My method of recover or repair Windows 7 Aero Feature, just reboot! :P
How to Recover or Repair Windows 7 Aero Feature

A rare post that wrote about step-by-step to renew Malaysian Passport Online:
How to Renew Malaysian Passport Online

And just recently, I use this method to print a super large Tokyo railway and subway maps:
How to Print PDF to Multiple page in Windows

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source: I wrote all these, okay?


Mister Leaf said...

wow, very good info.

ahsiang said...

Thanks Mister Leaf. :)

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