Monday, June 11, 2012

Basic Magic Wand

If the author of Harry Potter was writing the very same series of Harry Potter books at Middle Age of Europe, she probably being burned by church. However in nowadays, Harry Potter is just being a commercial product, being from books, DVD, BD, theme park (yes, there are a few Harry Potter theme parks), and many fake magic stuffs that you seen on the Harry Potter movies, that you can buy at Amazon.

Magic, probably just a really working stuffs that Churches that dislike during the middle age. It is because most of the people don't understand it. Just like voodoo , black magic, gong tau (known in South East Asia), which normal people don't understand, probably these magic are being teach by alien at thousands or millions years back, until they being control by Men-in-Black. :P

okay, okay, enough with that. Now there is a working wand that can be use by anyone that don't understand magic or never attended Hogwarts' summer school.

You can actually order it here:

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