Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is Green Browser?

The actual name for this browser is GreenBrowser, without the space.

Written by a Chinese (again? Maxthon and Avant are also written by Chinese), GreenBrowser is very similar to first generation of Maxthon, which was called MyIE at that time.

I think the main objective of GreenBrowser is to replace Internet Explorer. As we know that the limitation of all IE, until IE8. I haven't try IE9, so no comment on IE9. GreenBrowser is running on top of the IE engine, therefore it will not be anything faster than IE.

At GreenBrowser's website, it claimed it is a fastest and lightest web browser. However during my testing, the speed still feels like using IE. The only different is you can have a lot of stuffs/feature just like Maxthon/FireFox/Chrome/etc. Other things that I noted are:
1. The nuffnang ads on my blog is not loaded. I tried another blog if mine, but still the same.
2. Some of the embedded youtube video looks like not added correctly although other browsers looks okay.
3. McAfee detected one of the GreenBrowser plug-in when I unzip the portable version.
GreenBrowser plug-in detected as virus on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

What I like about GreenBrowser is it has official portable version (just like Opera), therefore we don't need to worry too much if we downloaded a portable version that is might have trojan.[oppsss... except for the plug-in being detected by McAfee as trojan :P]

Summary, GreenBrowser is just a another browser that might suite your surfing needs. I still stick with Chrome and FireFox for now and GreenBrowser will be just another backup browser that I always have (Opera, and Maxthon) :)

To download, go to these links: (Chinese)

For more detail of this browser, go to these links: (Chinese)

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