Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Teardown

It has been a while that I post teardown. ChipWork actually have had the first hand on Samsung Galaxy S 3 and tear it apart, iFixIt put it into a well documented pages.

Here is what ChipWork found out from the teardown, Samsung Galaxy S 3 with these chips:
  • Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core A9 processor with 1GB LP DDR2 Green Memory (K3PE7E700M-XGC2)
  • Murata M2322007 WiFi Module
  • Samsung KMVTU000LM eMMC(16GB)+MDDR(64MB) NAND Flash
  • Intel Wireless PMB9811X Gold Baseband processor
  • MAX77693 and MAX77686
  • Broadcom BCM47511 Integrated Monolithic GNSS Receiver
  • Wolfson Microelectronics WM1811 stereo codec
  • Skyworks SKY77604 Multi-Band Power amplifier
  • Silicon Image 9244 low-power MHL Transmitter
  • NXP PN544 NFC Chip
  • Infineon PMB5712 RF transceiver

Here is the teardown:

To read it at iFixIt website, click here:
Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown

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source: iFixIt

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