Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remove Empty Directories

The longer we use our PC/laptop, the more files and folders being created and accumulated on the hard disk(s). I always tell myself to do some housekeeping, but where is the time left for that after I use the time for work, family and writing blogs as well as reading 100+ of RSS everyday?

Then I found this. RED is Remove Empty Directories and it is a free apps.

pix source: http://www.jonasjohn.de/red.htm

I downloaded that portable version. After unzip, I execute it directly but some directories cannot be access. So I restart it as administrator, in slightly more than 1min, there are 2241 empty directories has been listed by it. Wow, I can't imagine how I am going to find all of them, unless I do a disk format. :P

Remove Empty Directories also use different icons to describe each of these kinds of dirs:
  • Root
  • the really empty
  • dirs with trash (you have to define what is trash)
  • hidden dirs
  • locked dirs
  • protected dirs
  • Failed (meaning no reading access, I fixed it by run it with administrator permission)
After it listed out the dirs, it is time to review and exclude or protect the dirs you want to keep.
pix source: http://www.jonasjohn.de/red.htm

Remove Empty Directories available as installer or portable version. The author of this apps also very kind to post his coding at internet, so that if you want to use it for other OS(s), you can compile on your own.

To download Remove Empty Directories, go to:

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