Monday, November 8, 2010

Blogger Stats

Couple of months ago, I still using some counter websites to track who/where/how my audience that come to this Outdated Penang Uncle blog. So I have to sign up for the service (yes, a lot of them are free), add the widget and after a while login to find out the statistic. For past few months, blogger added the page view tracking for all the blogspot, so even though I still have the counter at my blog, usually I just look at the "Stats" to find out my audience.

To access it: login blogger, Dashboard, Stats of the blog (if you have more than 1 blog).
"Posts" can tell us which post has highest click. "Traffic Sources" tell us where do the traffic come from, either google or twitter or your friend's blog/web, etc. The "Audience" can tell us from which country and what OS/browsers the audience using.

Here is the print screen of the Outdated Penang Uncle's Stats. For last month, the most traffic are from US and Malaysia. And IE still have most popular browsers (actually all time showed FireFox is the most browsers used), and Windows is the OS most people use.

How is your blog's traffic? Share with us here. :)

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