Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RockMelt: the Facebook browser?

There are some buzz on the WWW on new browser these few days. A new type of browser called "RockMelt" has came out. It has the Google Chrome look, but with Facebook, and Twitter and some other social media "built" into the browser.

To be able to download the beta (yes, read beta, with bugs and issues), you have to register with Facebook account (is Zuckerberg is behind this?). This remind me of the time when gmail started, you have to have someone to refer invite you. But refer invite is way too old style, so Facebook it is.
This is what I get after "connect" (this is how they called it) with Facebook, I have to wait for a few more days? HUH? Talking about WWW speed.

Anyway, here is the youtube video of the introduction.

If you want to try it, go to here lol:

Oh, it should be free, who want a paid browser nowadays? :P

See more update:
More on RockMelt
RockMelt that not quite there yet

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