Thursday, November 18, 2010

More on RockMelt

Okay, RockMelt finally working on my laptop. See what I complained about. Anyway, here is my print screen. The icons (apps) on both side are finally appear.It could be previously it cannot login. So your friends are on left hand side; facebook profile/twitter/RSS on right have side.

I can invite friends to RockMelt, but only gave me 3 invites? WHY WHY WHY?
Another problem is I cannot invite some people, most of my friends can be invited, but not all, not sure why yet.

My twitter also added here, so a single click can see my twits.

You can subscribe to RSS, I added this blog's RSS for testing:

Verdict, if you use Facebook 24/7, this could be your browser. Else look for FireFox or Safari (I use both of them).

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