Friday, November 12, 2010

RockMelt: that not quite there yet

I have blogged about RockMelt few days ago. And on that very same day I have already got it installed. So here is some snapshot, and some rant on this beta.

After clicking the link in the invitation email, went to RockMelt website again, but now the button on the left of the page changed to Download.

Yes, they have to hope us will love it, it is BETA, did I told you?

The setup file less than 1M, so I figure it need to download again and yes, after double click it, it start to download other setup files from internet. Make sure you are on a fast connection, else you will hate it. :P

You have to login to RockMelt using facebook account, I am sure Zuck is behind this.

And for first time login, it will ask for your permission to allow RockMelt to use all your information (every piece of them!) from Facebook.

After login, here is the very first page of RockMelt. Hey, where is the buttons (they called it apps) on the left and right of the windows? I went to search online for RockMelt review, all of them have the apps on the left and right of the windows, but all of them are using Mac, not windows. Bugs for Windows version? Search the help, search online RockMelt help, didn't help, no one complain about that? My Windows 7 problem?
The interface looks like Google Chrome btw.

Also a task manager to show how much memory each of the RockMelt processes used. Remind me again on Google Chrome.

RockMelt, you want to Rock, but Melt on the way. :P
RockMelt, not quite there yet.

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