Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Junk mail from Hotmail team

My first email was with hotmail. I remember that first time I got into internet, the first thing I did was to open up a hotmail account! Well, time fly and this hotmail become a backup email only ever since I start using gmail. It was because hotmail was offering 100M or 200M of storage (READ: OFFER, gotta be joking) and my friend recommended gmail, which was 1G at that time.

Okay, fast forward to present, did hotmail ever improve? The storage have improved, I mean with skydrive, you get 25G! Not bad huh! But but but, today I was checking the hotmail, and I saw the only mail in junk folder is this one. Email from Hotmail team ended up at junk mail, pretty effective huh?

That's all, happy Tuesday!

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