Friday, May 27, 2011

Better than Task Manager

Usually we use Windows' stock Task Manager to look at the processes running on Windows. And for Win7 user, you can also open Resource Monitor (from Performance tab on Task Manager) to see additional stuffs such as disk access by which software and network utilization on another windows. What I going to introduce is a software that have everything in one windows with much more information for you to check out. Read more after the jump......

Introducing System Explorer.

As you can see from the picture above, beside the tasks/applications/processes/services/perfomance/networking that can be display by the Windows' stock Task Manager, there are additional stuffs can be display in the same windows:
  • Modules
  • Drivers
  • Connections (which apps that are accessing the network at the moment)
  • Startups (programs that being executed during start up)
  • It even display the addons installed on your IE, without open up IE
  • DLLs that connected to Explorer.exe
  • Uninstaller and it can point you to the registry where the installed program
  • History of which process running with what PID numbers, nice!
  • Backup function by creating snapshot of files or registry or both.

When minimizing it, it will shrink to notification area and show CPU, memory and power information whenever you point the mouse to the icon.

To get this software, go to here
Or direct download installer here
Or direct download portable version here. (YEAH!)

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Source: I wrote this post, wrote the software

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