Monday, May 9, 2011

How to combine multiple flv files into one flv file

While downloading video from YouTube is very easy nowadays because of various tools available to help us to do the job, downloading video from other websites still not easy, especially YouKo (优酷, a famous YouTube in China). The problem I have is the flv file saved from YouKo is always in multiple files (each file for 7min~). Here is a tutorial on how to combine multiple flv files into one flv file.

1. Download FLV Binder from this webpage or directly here.
2. Don't follow the instruction on the website, just unzip and put the files (exe and dll) into a dir that you want to merge the flv files
3. Open command prompt
      For WinXP and older: Start -> run -> type "cmd" without the double quote and press enter
      For Win7 and Vista: Start -> type "cmd" in the "Search program and files" box and press enter
4. Go to the directory that you store the flv files
      Example: cd c:\Downloads\flv_files
5. Enter the command to merge the flv
      Example: flvbind all.flv 1.flv 2.vlf....
6. The sequence of source flv is very important.
7. Done, enjoy your merged flv! :)

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