Friday, May 20, 2011

When will McAfee going to fix FrameworkService.exe?

If you are using McAfee antivirus, you will notice the CPU being running hot because of a process called "FrameworkService.exe" which use up all the CPU power. This is known bug from McAfee, even though McAfee said it should already fix it for "McAfee Agent 4.5 Patch 1 Hotfix 620018 for Windows or later", but how about corporate users which still waiting for their ever slow IT guys to update the McAfee for their computer/laptop?

To make things worse, you might have a presentation to do but the battery is running low and this frameworkservice.exe wouldn't quit and keep on running with high CPU.

Even though it says it is fix for newer version, some people still notice the problem didn't goes away.

McAfee, when you gonna fix this forever?

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Joel said...

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Joel Houston

Joel said...

I'm also using McAfee and experiencing a slowdown. I hope they fix it the soonest!

ahsiang said...

@Joel, same here

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