Saturday, May 14, 2011

Word Cloud with HTML5

timdream from Taiwan wrote some HTML5 code to generate word cloud from website or blog or twitter or RSS feed or facebook or any file from local drive that you key in. Here is how:

1. Go to this link for English:
     for Chinese (Traditional Chinese):

2. Click start and then put your blog/website RSS feed or blogger/twitter/facebook ID or select a file. And then click the big Start button on bottom right.

3. It take some time to read and the display a completion note. Click the box again to see your word cloud.

4. Modify the word cloud by changing the color, adjust the text size and regenerate it. It can also save out the result.

Here is two word cloud from this blog:

Note: I tried on Chrome only, FireFox and Safari might have problem. Don't ever try IE6/7/8. IE10 might works.

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