Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S 2 - everything you need to know

A big buzz when Samsung Galaxy S2 out at Korea and now worldwide is crazy about it (except Apple fanboys :P). Here is all sort of stuffs that you need to know about Galaxy S2. It would be my dream phone (for now...) but my stock price haven't hit the price that enough for me to buy one yet. :P
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Samsung Galaxy S2 unboxing video by the famous Mr. Miniman at pocketnow:

Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware review, by the Mr. Miniman again:

1080p video recording sample using Samsung Galaxy S2:

Samsung Galaxy S2 TouchWiz 4.0 Tour (TouchWiz is Samsung made UI, just like HTC Sense made by HTC)

To compare Samsung Galaxy S2 with its brother, which the Samsung Galaxy S, hit the link below:

Update: To check the hardware functionality of Samsung Galaxy S 2, do this:
1. Bring up dialpad. 

2. Key in *#0*#. 

3. LCD TEST application will  be loaded. 

4. Test SUPER AMOLED Plus display in red, green, blue,  white and black colour. Make sure that your AMOLED screen has a perfect colour. 

5. Can also test the front and back camera functionality.

6. Test sensors  like accelerometer, proximity, lights, gyroscope and magnetic sensors. 

7. Test the touch screen sensitiveness, etc.

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source:, gsmarena and youtube, of course! :)

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