Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quality snapshot with your webcam

I was trying to capture a photo of me using the build-in webcam on my laptop when I google and found this software. The company that wrote this software claim that this software will improve the quality of the photo captured using webcam. Read more after the jump......

Here is what is claim by the company:
See the difference between Quality Capture and others
Simple to use program used to increase webcam photo quality.
Compatible with any web camera.
Adjustable resolution and frame rate.
Reduces noise by merging photos.
Take snapshots and measure frame rate.
Access your webcam from other computers via website.
Periodic snapshot saving to folder.
Use camera for surveillance with motion detection (new)
Save your photos as JPG image files and enjoy.

You will need to have .NET 3.0 installed and of course a webcam. :D

See the different that without and with using the software:

To download, go to here

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