Thursday, February 16, 2012

AngelList - Angel for new startup companies

New startup companies, there is always the most important factor, the capital. Many people have good idea, brilliant ideas that cannot be put into reality because lack of capital or money in layman's term.

You have keep on looking and looking. Look for networks, get into some rich people club to meet with investors, do a lot of presentations, sales presentations to be exact. Most of startups need two years to get sufficient funding to start the real works. It would be too late into the market because nowadays everything move so fast that the hare in "The Hare and the Tortoise" story seems like not running as fast as we think. HAHA.

There is a new initiative where startup companies can utilize this social network to raise money, call it AngelList.

The investors are not necessarily come from Forbes Top 100, but they are from the same social network that get funding from here and they are on their way to success. Go to the website to see which startup companies benefit from this network, some of them might be the Facebook or Google of the future.

How do investors get their ROI (return on investment)? Simple, by getting 1% of shares in your startup. Imagine you are the Facebook of future, 1% of your share would worth millions of dollars.

After register, you can choose to:
1. Start writing a startup profile
2. Find startup for you to invest in
3. Find talent in this social network
4. Find a job in startups
5. Just surfing :D

If you have a good idea, go to AngelList to find out how you can make it a dream come true. Good luck!

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