Friday, February 3, 2012

Another cloud storage?

More and more could storage company is popping up like popcorn. Okay, not popcorn, but it is growing, fast. I saw this one at on some adsense at some website (don't ask, okay). So just give a try. Today I am sarcastic a bit about website review, see square bracket with italic font, heheh. is giving 10GB storage for free plan. [Excuse me? Skydrive is giving 25G for free, unless I have allergy with Microsoft, why would I want to sign up CX? But still better than dropbox which offer 2GB only for free account, sigh]

Get up to additional 6GB storage when you refer your friend. Each referral you will get 300MB. [I remember there is one website offer up to 100GB storage with referral, too bad I lost the name, sigh]

Sync up across devices [Sugarsync is also doing that, CX can compete on the free storage, since Sugarsync only offer 5GB only]

Share [nothing special, every cloud storage also can share]

Collaboration [something new, you can share and let other comment on it, you can also create a group for discussion, the best selling point so far?]

Go ahead try it at or if you are nice people, please click the referral link to increase my storage, hahah.

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p/s: if you think your website/service/product can survive my sarcastic, please contact me for a trashing review!

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