Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Build Apps without Knowing Programming

Everyone knows that apps are written by IT or programmer or engineers or someone that is good in computer programming language, but do you know what you can build apps without knowing all the knowledge? All you need is know what you want the apps does. The website will handle everything else.

TheAppBuilder is a company that provide this service. They will not charge anything until you decided to publish the apps to Google Market (Google Play), App Store, and WP MarketPlace. So you can play with the apps with your friends and family.

TheAppBuilder is now support iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone.

The basic operation of TheAppBuilder is something like this:
1. Start building apps on TheAppBuilder.
2. Download the apps into your smartphone
3. The apps is actually the skeleton of the apps, which contains the special code and ID, which will be talking with cloud server.
4. The actual work is being done at cloud server, but you will see it in action on your smartphone.

The apps build with TheAppBuilder is therefore need internet connection all the time to work properly. Please note that internet connection is not always cheap in many countries and 99% of telco.

You can see the how-to guide here (very long video):

TheAppBuilder link:

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video source: TheAppBuilder

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