Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free 500GB of Storage

With many cloud storage service providing "some" GB of storage, from pathetic 2GB (many) to 25GB (skydrive), or 50GB (, these still not enough for some. Here is one that offer much more, JumboFiles offers 500GB.

JumboFiles 500G on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

What went well?
1. 500GB, that is 10x of with promotion.
2. File size limit at 1GB, the best of other cloud storage support up to 100MB only.
3. Provide short and full URL for each of the files
4. Uploader that support resume upload (for Windows only). Many web based uploader will time out.
5. Simple and no-nonsense interface.
6. No restrictions on parallel downloads (can download as many files as you want at the same time), better than many file server.
7. No download limit for hourly/daily/etc. The limit is your local hard disk space.
8. Resume-able download.
9. No waiting time for download.
10. Support Download Managers or Accelerators
11. Upload up to 10 files at a time.
12. Minimum ads at the moment, since it is still new.
13. No captcha for download.
14. Support FTP upload.
15. Support remote URL upload, meaning you can transfer files from other server to JumboFiles without need to download it first into your local hard disk drive.

What can be done better?
1. No mobile apps
2. Does not automatically sync between devices (because no mobile apps).
3. Not sure about security of the files that being store here.
4. At least 1 download in last 30-180 days for free users to keep the file at JumboFiles. Read the faq.

Register here:

Other note:
JumboFiles looks a bit like file servers that usually being use for sharing pirated stuffs, but you can made all files not available publicly, therefore should not violate any law(?). Please check your local authority to confirm.

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source: I found this while surfing the wild wild web :P

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