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OCBC Online Banking Failed

I like to do a lot of things online. Banking, transfer fund, pay bills, buy stuffs, file tax and renew passport, etc etc. Yes, I wrote a post on renew passport online, check out the link here:

At the other day, I wanted to pay my wife's insurance premium (Great Eastern Life/GEL). I remember OCBC Malaysia Internet Banking has that service, or at least I  saw it on OCBC Malaysia Internet Banking website. And thinking of to utilize my OCBC credit card that offer cash back on any purchase, I would save a few RM from the premium payment.

So I login to OCBC Malaysia Internet Banking website, add the Great Eastern Life as my payee. After successful add it, I want to pay for it. Therefore click on "Bill Payment" -> To Owner Account Registered Payee". Huh? Why it is not there, I can see only the electricity bill which I added earlier.

So I go back to my payee list to check again. Click on "View/Delete Payee", the GEL is there. Okay, go back to "Bill Payment" -> To Owner Account Registered Payee", still not there.

Okay, try Non Registered Payee. "Bill Payment" -> To Non Registered Payee". I can see GEL can be pay.
OCBC failed on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

So I click next, but I get this:
OCBC failed on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
I can't proceed somehow, if you read the snapshot carefully, at last line, it says "Only Available for Credit Card Holders (1075)". HUH? If it is available for credit card only, why I still can pay for it?

Alright, time to talk to real people. Call up OCBC, after explaining my problem, the phone banking personnel told me that GEL payment only available for customers with saving or checking account only. Why I asked. She said it is GEL's policy, they only accept payment from saving or checking account. Then I suggest them to fix their website, or at least let customer know upfront that GEL payment only available for blah blah blah only. She told me that she will note this down. However I am not sure how long for them to fix it, one week, one month, one quarter or one year?

Please OCBC, other banks will list down clearly which payee can be pay by credit card and/or saving/checking account, example Standard Charted:
Standard Charted clearly stated services  on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com
It is so clear that only deposit (saving/checking) account that can pay these few payee. So customers will not be confused.

At the end, I have to pay through Public Bank, because Standard Charted cannot pay to GEL. Btw, I can pay using my Public Bank credit card.
Public Bank can pay Great Eastern Life on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Another thing that bug me is that GEL is now part of OCBC, so why I can't pay using OCBC credit card?

OCBC, please fix this.

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