Saturday, December 11, 2010

Freeware PPC: Car Service Lite

This freeware helps us to keep track of the service schedule of cars. Here is from the author:

Car Service 1.0 is a simple program to keep track of vehicle maintenance. With this program you can easily schedule your car maintenance and be aware of the service tasks have to be done in time.
It is consists of three sections:

The “CHECK” section which is for shorting the maintenance tasks according to their time and km priority (remaining days/km for next scheduled task).
There is four customized levels of priority (red, orange, yellow, white). Red is the highest priority level.

The “TABLE” section which is used for data entry. The user inserts car info and associated service checks/procedures that they have performed.

In the “SHORTING” section the user creates and modifies a maintenance schedule table with 22 customized service tasks that they have to be done periodically or after running a specific number of km. This table is used in the first section to short the maintenance tasks.

Note: this lite version is freeware and have limitation, if you want full version, you have to pay for it :( here is what the author said:
Car Service Lite is a freeware lite version of Car Service with 3 cars limitation and 1 maintenance scheduled table. Car Service can use up to 100 cars and up to 10 maintenance scheduled tables.

Note: for 320x240 screen only, might see black edges other types of screen or not working at all, leave a comment if it works for you. :)

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