Friday, December 3, 2010

Google Chrome 8 is out!

hey people, Google Chrome now is 8!

If you already have Chrome, but not 8 yet, here what you can do:
1. Fire up Chrome
2. Click on the tool button before the close windows button
3. Click "About Google Chrome"
4. It will try to download the update and install the latest version (will take a while, depend on your network/broadband speed)
5. Once it is done, it will ask you to okay or not to restart Chrome.
6. After restart, check again with step 2 and 3, you should able to see something like this:

If you haven't install Chrome, go download, install and try it. Chrome is still not my primary web browser yet, I am still on FireFox most of the time. :)

Or you might want to try RockMelt, the Facebook web browser. See my review:

Have nice weekend! :)

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