Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is Flock?

From the pageview that I showed (link here), Flock is another web browser that visited this blog. So google it and found this:


Supposedly this is a social web browser that is build for Facebook and Twitter. If I remember correctly, this browser exist earlier than RockMelt (a few years maybe), but not as popular as RockMelt right now. Why? Because it is not approved by Zuckerberg! (Just joking :P).

Verdict: I don't even want to try it at all, because I have RockMelt already.

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Source: http://flock.com/


Angelina said...

I like both Flock and Rockmelt but I think I use Rockmelt more.

ahsiang said...

Yup, RockMelt will win. :)

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