Friday, December 3, 2010

one thousand dolar apps

Hi iPhone/iPad/iPod users, Do you want to buy an one thousand dolar (that is US dolar) apps?!?!

Yes, you read it right, $1000 dolar! Actually it cost $999.99 because App Store don't allow apps cost more than that. So you will see it labeled $999.99 in App Store. Go check it out at App Store if you don't believe it.

Are you crazy you might ask? But there are more than 200 people actually bought it already. This apps is actually to help want-to-be lawyer to pass the bar exam. After they pass the bar exam, they will earn many times of $1000, so it is still worth it, right?

Apple actually very happy with this apps, because every single one it sold at app store, apple earn $300! 200x$300 = $60,000

Also it will be available on iPad soon.

So how? Want to write apps for iPhone? ka-ching!

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